Tha Bulletin - Golden Issue
Tha Bulletin - Issue 10
=-= Celebrating its 10th Issue =-=

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Site News

The FiendVille Shop Rundown

Congradulations - to Sony for winning the Lotto. a grand prize of 32767 DAPs.

This Bulletins Issue will teach you about the FiendVille Shop, its uses, and how to use them, if for some reason, the link to the Shop does not work for you. Please change your style to Steel Blue.

DAPs - All these actions require DAPs so go out and make some

--Donate Money - A free action where you can donate/give DAPs to another user.
--Buy a Lotto Ticket - Here you may buy an automated lottery ticket for the drawing
--Add Glow To Username - With this often used action, you may buy yourself an attractive glow to your username with a wide variety of colors which shows every time you post. Dont trip tho, you may take it away for the same price you got it if you dont like it.
--Change Custom Title - This allows you to add or change your custom user title.
--Change Another User's Custom Title - The most fun action of the Shop. You may change other peoples custom titles. To see who changed whos custom title, Check out Title Wars
--Add a Calender Event - This allows you to add an event in FW's calender.
--Change Username - Bored of your username? You may change it here if the Price is Right

An overall ill 1 player game. Something to do when your bored, waiting for votes on a battle or just for the love of BlackJack.

LMAO, a must peep

Mugshots of Saht's Ass
Whats better to see? LMAO

Welcome - Props to new Members: bumpyjohnson, Forrastari and a big Welcome Back to KiD G and j2dat

Hip Hop Central / Fave Aritsts Lounge

Finish Da Verse - Fiends 'Finish Da Verse' Contest, hosted by Bossalinie. Finish Da Verse and state the title of the song and its album and get 50 DAPs!!

Jin Takes a Shit on Haters - Well, we were all wrong about Jin being unable to write songs. Looks like he made a disstrack filled wit controversy to those who didnt believe in him and to da haters. Check da song out here: Lo-fi // Hi-fi

JINs audio section - [i]Soon to be linked on FiendWorld, Check out JIN's latest with two new tracks (I Dont Know and Holla Front) and two new Radio Freestyles, JIN spits Heat!!

X + Ja.... Beefing!? - You heard right. DMX and Ja have different views as to how to treat their fame. X always keeps it real while Ja... well Ja has gotten a little cocky. Thats How The Beef Started, expect future diss tracks and shots at each other in tracks.

XXX - Go see Vin Diesel's Thriller Triple X which Eve stars in. It opens today in all theaters

Curren$y - Curren$y says he isnt droppin his album till sometime in November as he ios trying to get more Guest Appearances.

NL Guess Tha Lyricz II - Guess Tha Lyrics, NL fans, win them DAPs!.

Free - Slim, of No Limit, is out of Jail now.

Kane and Abel Droppin - After gettin arrested and put in Jail for possesion of 10 kilo's of cocaine, Kane n Abel look on the optimistic side and are droppin an album and novel simultaneous for the fans.

Its That Time Again - Vote on which artists you feel should be out of the Fave Artists Lounge, please vote

Em Cleaning His Closet Out - Check Out Da Video

Dre Reissuing NWA Classics - Dre is to release Tha NWA Legacy 2 this late September.

Nas's New Album - Check out the Tracklisting and Album Cover. Nas 'The Lost Tapes' comin out September 3rd

Nas Signed to Murda INC - Nas Ends All Speculation in a track called The Pledge with Ashanti and Ja Rule. Nas says "Its Murdaaaa," in my opinion Nas made Hip Hops #1 Bitch Move. Ja Rule disses DMX in his verse. Ja's always been on that faggot shit.

Biggie Trivia - Think you know Biggie? Go ahead and answer Biggie Trivia, the questions at the bottom.

Damn Tha Sleepers - Cmon yall, get in the Biggie Topical Battle, 1 contestant is waiting. Who gon' bring it??

Hovies Home - JayZ's back from vacation and gets on Hot97 to talk about da latest. Him and Nas are planning on ending the beef by doing a PPV Show wit freestyles etc. He adresses his relationship wit Beyonce Knowles and says its not true as they are good friends. His New album, The Blueprint 2 is comin out this november 5th and much much more.

Tha Lab

Biting in Tha Lab - I have noticed a few cats biting on FW. Yall know who you are , quit fo u get exposed.

Think - tHiNk's ill open mic titled One Life is mostly felt. A great topic and a nice piece overall. Dont sleep on this cat

Whats Gone Bad has Gone Ill - Saht n Coast aka Da Next Double Duo of Sick Side next to Gruesome and E, hit an off the wall topic so great with this Open Mic. Titled "A good date gone bad", Saht n Coast take you on a humourosly lyrical escapade. Enjoy the ride

"Skeeter LongHorn's Weekly Beef"
-by Coast

Sil's Everyday Beef- Sil,lol,we have noticed that It doesnt fail...He has beef with 80% of FW..a cool guy sometimes but Lately has not been liked.He gets dissed
In Contros little Open Mic.In CrAcKas Diss,he gets clowned, and In Eliments doing also,posting A fiction or non-fiction story about Sil having sexual doings with his sister.Thats gross,Its not necessarily only been between them 3. But With Almost Everybody,this beef has Been Going On And Has Stretched To Be One Of
The Most Known Beefs In Fw Now.

Unexpected- Contro sticks up for his boy CrAcKa and disses Saht,and Diz.This was very unexpected.Not much but he just showed that he wasnt scared to diss anybody.I like that.Im pretty sure we will be seeing this beef for a while cuz if you know Saht like I know Saht,there will be a diss back.Im just sitting and patiently Waiting.

Dao's Bile Movement- lol,he Shits On Somebody Who is It? Looks Like Our Ol Buddy Sil,We All shoulda known.In A Open Mic Diss Directed To Sil again.Will
This Beef Be Sqaushed Quickly Or Stretched Longer.Knowing Sils Willingness To Show he is a Badass,It Wil Be Continued In Next Weeks Review.

The Nine + Eliment Are Tired- yes Tired,Tired of all the shit.They Put up A worth reading diss towards Sil,who else.Go peep this out.Nothing really much to
say but this WAS expected.Every diss to Sil is expected.

At It Again- FLoE & Pussy Master LL get The Works Out, dissing Adamwazza and Dope Dave. This powerful collab was very nice,showing that they were not putting up with the shit and doing you know what,dissing donna
again,guess you can call it dissing donna,lol,this beef started and kinda evolved around her.She loves Floe,Wants to be with him,meet him,bla she seems to be
stuck on him,maybe he's catching up with LL on the pussy list(lol).Well This beef is very funny,Id like to see somemore of this shit pop.Good diss fellaz.

Adamwazza's Revenge- Well This Beef Has been Around For a Couple Of Months I believe.Seems As If Adamwazza Brings his Revenge Back in a Tight Diss To Floe and LL.The Beef Has All Evolved Around Adams Sister Donna.She is Seeming To Be a so-called Treat To Alot Of peeps here at FW....Guessing LL also...Since We All Know LL gets More Ass Then Kraz's Chin...But Thats
Besides The Point...I Guess They Wanted To use donna towards adam as a diss,its working.Here Adam Shows That He Can Rip Shit UP...The Retaliation From Both
was good also..The Collab Disses Are Getting More Popular Now and Days...Who Knows ..Nice Little Beef here.

Dope Dave's Spotlight- Well Looks As IF This Guy Wanted To make a Diss Towards LL.Doing a Little Open Mic Diss.It Was Straight,Dont Really Know Why these 2 Are At It OR Is LL Just Ignoring This Guy.And Dope Wants Attention.Lets See Where This Goes

Whered this Come From?- Sil Took Action and Disses Cracka,actually pretty nice,There must be a retaliation cuz CrAcKa is not one to let stuff slide he always writes disses.Im epecting one soon.Looks as if this beef is everywhere,and is lasting.

Monster Diss- LL gets his Revenge back Dissing Adam and Dope Dave.Very Ill Shit,he Disses Them In All Aspects.This Beef Is Miniature But Funny.They Keep
Going Back and Forth.Lets keep a Eye Out On Some More Shit.

Sahts Not Backing Up- Damn What A powerful Diss That Was Delivered To CraCkA.Great Open Mic, Great Diss.They Could have Very Nice battle someday.Even Though CrAcKa Does Have Good Disses and All But I AInt Seen one To Top The Shit Saht Did Against Him.Very Strong Shit,Could Be a Great Beef here.Both Very talented But Swollen Heads.(lol)

Diz, Saht & Euphony- Whoa They Shitted On CrAcKa Again,man How Many Turds Can You take CrAcKa its Getting To The Point Where I Think Your Dropping and Falling Off Dog.Where You been? Anyways This beef is Very Hott because All Ill Emcees are Dissing 1 person and its all So Fucking Funny if I Have To Say SO My
Self.They Teamed Up To Diss Cracka in a collab.Once again the collab disses are popluar.Looks Like There Goes Another Emcee Down The Toilet.My peeps Tore it
Up.Cracka Im waiting dog.

Finally back- Here he is.The Guy That Fell Off For A While in Some people's Eyes is back With A Monster Diss.CrAcKa Disses Diz and Saht.A Good Diss That is
Sure To Get Lots of Attention.He Just Seems TO Base Everything On Diz Tho And Hardly Ever Disses Saht.Does He Think he's not important enough or what?. Well We
WIll See Soon.

This is Some Of The Disses and beef That I Reviewed That Were Actually Important In My Eyes That I Thought You All Wanted To Know About and Im Gonna Keep yall Updated And Probobly piss Some people Off But My Carelevel is 0%.Cuz Im Skeeter Longhorn Remember Not Coast.Im Just A Broadcaster So Dont Take It Serious.If You Do,My CareLevel Is Still 0%,Peese

"Diss For Daps"- Diss Somebody People If Its worth Reading and I Like It At The next Bulletin I Will Announce Who I Think Im Giving 15 daps too.Remember It
Doesnt Have To Be a Rap diss.Could be A Picture or Convo To Expose somebody.Any Questions IM me CoastDaV Or Email Me at is Skeeter Longhorn For Your FW Beef News.-Coast

Sony vs Rhymez - Looks like a close battle. With skore 4-3 in Rhymez favor, please vote to finish this battle

Match Wits - iQ and FLoE are battlin. iQ had the upperhand last battle by winnin FLoE 3-0. Will FLoE come bakk or will he utterly fail? Vote 2morrow when verses are posted


E's Back To School Tourny - Win some cash and a cd of ur choice!!. Rules + Stips here. Sign-ups here

Tag Tourny 2 - Semifinal verses are posted. Although no shows are a down, da show must go on

FW Olympix - Still waitin on Nominee's to sign in or out. E, Grue, Chem and Dz please sign in or out for the Best Flow event.

Newb Tourny III
- With Verses Due tomorrow night and some people already posted, you may go vote today or tomorrow.

World War Tournament - With Verses Due tonight, please go and vote on battles, thank you.


Written Scriptures League - Week 5 has started and Verses are due this Thursday Night. Its Sahtyrickal goin for the belt against FLoE and the #1 Contendership battle includes Lyrikally Lost and R.Sonal.

FW Battle League - With Voting ending tomorrow, we'd like to see some last minute votes. All contestants in the League, dont forget to vote on least 2 battles and showing proof in ur battle thread.

Braggin Rights - Still waitin for more signups.

FW Pay-Per-View - Please vote on the last battle

Member Rating

Todays Member Rating is for Eliment
Bein An HC Member and LW Champion racks him up some points but his lack of doing Open Mic's loses it for him. Overall a very active dude on the site running his Comedy Forum with ease. Much props
Member Rating - 7.5/10

Member Interview

IFLoE 2000 [9:35 PM]: Hello, Bossalinie, youve been chosen to do Tha Bulletin's Member Interview
TRU Thousand TRU [9:35 PM]: what up
TRU Thousand TRU [9:35 PM]: its an honor
IFLoE 2000 [9:36 PM]: im coo, lets start. How do you feel about ur position at FW?
TRU Thousand TRU [9:37 PM]: its straight, i mean i aint get fucked wit, i aint dont no open mics lately so i aint bitchin bout bein slept on, tha only thang is muthafuckas be sleepin on tha Fiend and NL forumz
TRU Thousand TRU [9:37 PM]: i aint been here that long so im still makin my mark nahmean?
IFLoE 2000 [9:38 PM]: yea i kno wat u sayin. about da Fiend and NL forums, thas tru. I remember hearing that you and j2dat will be bringin many No Limit fans to FW, any clue to what happened to that? or maybe it was false?
TRU Thousand TRU [9:39 PM]: i aint really kno bout j but i be tryin to get cats to come but they got they own lil boards and tryin to do they own sites and shit, everybody want they own shit nowdayz
IFLoE 2000 [9:40 PM]: true, its all good. Is there anything about FW that you like? features, people, etc. If so, what and why?
TRU Thousand TRU [9:42 PM]: its a pretty phat rappin board, but weak cats get supported too much, and alot of shit gets slept on cuz they unknown but as fo peepz, theres alot of cool ass muthafuckas here, but theres always bitches and haters .
overall i think fiendworld is prolly tha best board ive been apart of .
big ups to e fo makin it all happen.

IFLoE 2000 [9:43 PM]: word man, much props. Ive seen youve joined Es Back To School Cash Tourny. i didnt know you were a battle textcee so give us info on that. any plans on winning?
TRU Thousand TRU [9:44 PM]: i wouldnt enter if i aint think i could win it, i battle jus been doin my thing on tha side lately so i aint really had that much time to rap nahmean?
i been text battlin fo awhile but im tryin to take it to da next level
i aint tha best lyricist, but i always try to come tight and stay TRU

IFLoE 2000 [9:46 PM]: koo, good luck with that dawg. Is there Anything that youd like FW to have in the future?
TRU Thousand TRU [9:47 PM]: more women and less clowns, lol
sum mo souljas couldnt hurt neitha
maybe a media exchange type thang since AudioGalaxy is down
that's be hot

IFLoE 2000 [9:49 PM]: lol word up. U never kno . You got any shout outs?
TRU Thousand TRU [9:53 PM]: shouts to my dawg j2dat (we gonna blow dis up), big ups to e, white chocolate (down south baby!), floe (keep doin it big), nor (best emcee), wazza, coast, dao, spoof, noxious (hot newz), and all dem tight ass crews. if i forgot u, dont trip, TRU souljas aint perfect, we real!
IFLoE 2000 [9:54 PM]: aiite dawg, its been real. thx for da interview, peeSe
TRU Thousand TRU [9:54 PM]: 1 dawg

IFLoE 2000 [9:55 PM]: LOL, 1

Youve just read Tha Bulletins Golden 10th Issue

Thank You

  - by FLoE on 08-10-2002 07:23 AM

  Tha Bulletin
Tha Bulletin - Issue 9

Site News

DraKK AntiKz - Well Well Well, this has been the CRAZIEST antik drakk has ever Done. E found out that DraKK has been stealing hardware off FW for another site he is currently working on. Chemical was suspected to be apart of it mainly because it was Chemicals forum he was working with. The final admin decision: Strip DraKK and Chemical of all FW Powers.

Request - It would be cool if people actually gave threads ratings. Be a Good member, give threads ratings. Soon enough, we might even give out DAPs for them *wink*

Introducing... - The Official FW Lottery. This one is automated and everything is done by the Computer. Buy your tickets now!!

Gibberish? - Seen any Gibberish on FW Lately? it's most likely from another language. Use our translator at the bottom of each thread to decipher these weird messages in other languages.

New Positions - Kriminal has recieved adminship. He will be working on the FW Home Page so madd props to him. Congrats to White Chocolate for making High Council and props to the latest mods: Brookie (Royce 5'9 Forum), Kiada (Aesop Rock Forum), and kraz (Dirty Dozen Forum)

Favorite Artists Lounge
The Goings-Ons in The Artist Lounge

New Ones - Welcome the Xzibit, Royce, Cormega, Necro and Dre forums.

Is It Possible?? - Weird Huh? Music Speaks For Itself.... just a hunch tho.. *shrugs*.. lol

Biggie Battles - Props to dahottness for such an ill idea. Theres room for 1 more contestent. In this event, you and ur opponent square off in topical battle. The topic obiously deals with sumthing having to do with Biggie Smalls. This should be ill if run good. Open for one more contestant.

Who Tha FUCK Killed Him?! - You just may find out who killed Tupac here. EnVee comes with an ill idea so props to him. Its a game where 1 out of 10 ppl who sign up is assigned as Pac's Killer and everyone has to guess who's the killer. 1 DAP Admission.

Roc-A-Dap - Do so by answering the Roc-A-Fella Trivia Question Correct for 5 DAPs. How lucky are you?

Waiting? - Rakim answers many questions in this little Q&A Article. Check if your a Rakim fan, lol... WC

Down Low - Check out the Underground Hip Hop forum where you can talk about all da ill cats.

Make Way.. - White Chocolate's Hip Hop Bulletins are da shit. Read through the Bulletin for the latest in Hip Hop as WC takes you on funny escapades and Hilarious polls.

International Changes - Considering we had no posts in the Black Twang/Miss Dynamite forums, all of those forums contents have been moved to the International Hip Hop forum. Dont sleep on the forum. Post, you may educate yourself more about Hip Hop internationally.

Doggy Style All Stars - Check out the news and tracklisting on Snoops new Album, Doggy Style All Stars.

§lick Speaks - "Fuckin Cash Money Sucks!!" ....... Tell us something we dont kno §lick :P

Show Some Love.. - Our fellow Fiends work hard on these reviews so please go show love and give comments on it

New Members - Props to the newest: LiQuiD_smoKE, Politix, $L!KK$T3, Ghetto Child, jinc and ~->l<-~ H20 ~->l<-~

Just Joking.. - Stop Sleeping yall. The Story Telling Joke Competition is in session. Please vote. Thank you

Gopher Bash - is the Game of The Week. An interesting game where you bash the hell out of the little gophers till they become too quick to catch. Can you make the Highest Score??

Oh and be Sure.. - To check out tha Game Control forum for the Latest on Games. Props to Phase 4 for working at that forum.

And it is.. - Props to The Nine for hookin it up as it is very interesting and Funny, be sure to vote in this Poll.

Awards - Its that time again. The July Awards Nominations are in progress. If you havent voted, please do so

Open Mic

A Mans Last Words - DraKK's ill open mic piece lashin back at all those who accused him

Journied Maddness - Gruesome combines multis and flow with deep lyrics to make a short, ill piece.

Latino's!!! - Nor kicks it Rican style wit a piece completely in Spanish. Check it out.

Battle Boards

Illness - Nor and Nine battle it out here wit illness. Both verses were tight. Lookin for good votes.

Put a Tech To Rhymez? - Can Sony Beat Rhymez in Battle? Who knows? well have to see. Be sure to vote in this battle once verses are posted.

Good Battle.. - Grue and Aura battle it out. With their record history over each other. Grue gets the vantage point 3 wins against aura while aura only has 2. Dope battle.

Crew Corna

§ick §ide - As always, running as usual.
A3 Bustaz - With DraKK and Dz possibly leaving, this crew may be falling apart.. we can only wait and see
Rhyme Addiktz - The Crew Has Officially "Died". Its been cool with RA.
ownage - A crew that has only started but seems to be going downhill already
East Side Rydaz and RmF - 2 Active crews jus doin they thing

Tag Tourny 2 - With round 2 over, only half of the contestants remain to go on to Rd. 3.

FW Olympics - With verses due tomorrow for the 1st event, The Dream Team, we will see how things go.

World War Tournament - Check out the thread for info on this ill tourny. Limited spots left.

Illest Flow Tourny - Verses are in even though many have no showed. All assigned Judges please vote. Thank you.

Open Mic League - With Week 4 almost over (voting ends tomorrow), we will soon see some more clerical ranks that will show where everyone stands.

FWBL - Amazingly, week 7 is almost over. Voting ends tomorrow, as well as for the Open Mic League. Please go and vote on all battles

This Months.. - This Monthly League is getting REALLY Slept on, we URGE everyone to vote. Please vote.

Braggin? - Love to brag? Love to brag in ur rhymes? then this League is perfect for you. It is a Bi-Weekly league where u get to brag in your rhymes and the person whos the better bragger wins.

Member Rating

Todays Member Rating is for dao
Dao is an active poster and a semi-active Open Micer and Battler. An OK dude whos kool with most of FW members.
Member Rating: 6/10

Member Interview

IFLoE 2000 [12:00 AM]: Hello, E, you have been chosen for Tha Bulletins Member Interview, are you ready?
E [12:00 AM]: Yes Sir
IFLoE 2000 [12:01 AM]: ok, how do you feel about your position at FW? i know it must be fun
E [12:02 AM]: honestly, It isnt to fun, fighting with friends because I own the site, Hate from others cause im an aiight emcee and I own the site. Also cause im 24 and do this for a hobby. Its far from fun, just a hobby Nah'Mean?
IFLoE 2000 [12:03 AM]: i see, i know its hard battling here as you are the owner and every1 says u get rode, must suck huh?.. well. How do u feel about how ur site has gone over the past 6 months?
E[12:05 AM]: I am proud to say that each month the stats go up, hits, and all. I could give you a copy to post as well. I dont like the fact that the man that helped started it, I have been mean to over a misunderstanding. But expect more from FW in the future, Since the big cash tourney didnt work, I plan on having a $20 dollar tourney each month for any registered member of FW
IFLoE 2000 [12:07 AM]: now that is ILLness, u hear that Fiends? u can make 20 bucks a Anyway.. since this recent controversy about drakk and chemical, how do u feel about them? anything you want to say to them?
E [12:09 AM]: to DraKK:well, we have had our differences, and when your finished your work at other boards and want to help. Your admin job will be here regarless of the bad shit you have to say bout me as of now.
To Chemical: Sorry bout the misunderstanding, it's all gravy dawg.
To: vbulletin : Next time you email me about supposed "theft" make sure your going to do something! Dont get me caught up in it
To DZ: (About his de-adminship:you was stripped on accident, aint like I meant to. I was editng admins when I took drakk away and messed it up,

Thats the honest truth, you can ask FLoE, he asked why was you de-admined and I asked if you were and he said yea, so I said damn, I musta fuked up. He was gonna add it back but you said you was leaving and I didnt want to argue with you also
#######you heard it on FLoE's Bulletin FIRST
*Takes a Blue*

IFLoE 2000 [12:12 AM]: and that was a shitload. Seems like we were wrong huh, E? well shit happens and were sorry to the people we hurt. Anything u want FW members to kno about? like things that will come to FW soon,etc.?
E [12:15 AM]: yea, If you run a forum and would like to run a quiz for other members to win daps, I have added the quiz hack. Also goto the store buy a lottery ticket, its not rigged and A HUGE jackpot for the winner. Look out for the $20 tourney, New tournies by our GREAT HC members, when Fiends cd drops this fall, look out for the first 50 copies given away at random and much much more!
IFLoE 2000 [12:16 AM]: Thas Dope, E... looking forward to it all. For tha last question, do you have any shouts?
E [12:16 AM]: hell yea

to FLoE for the interview, Gruesome, Drakk, DZ,Krazisme, Shatrical, Coast, Eliment, Dao, Euphemism,Aura,Cracka,Talent,EvilJesus,Wickid,Stryka, LL,Kriminal,Nor,Soultion X-Phase 4,Kiada,Wasp,Bossalinie,White Chocolate,Rubix,Contro,J dubb, Fabolous,All the women;-), And every fukin member I didnt have room to add!!!!!

IFLoE 2000 [12:22 AM]: Thank you, E, for the interview. and thats a wrap. Thanks to all the members for reading
IFLoE 2000 [12:22 AM]: peeSe E
E [12:22 AM]: Peace

NEXT Edition
a Rundown of the FiendVille Shop and what you can do.
A completely new Member interview and rating
News on what FW has that most forums cant afford to have
Tha Bulletins 10th Issue... -- to be made commemorable
and much mucj more!!!

Thank you for reading Tha Bulletins 9th Issue!

  - by FLoE on 08-03-2002 05:24 AM

  Tha Bulletin - Issue 8

Tha Bulletin - Issue 8

Ruff Ryderz

Eve's Busy
- With her New Album, Eve-olution, her starring in two movies, Vin Diesels XXX and Ice Cubes movie, and her new clothing line, called Fetish, Eve's been real busy. Check Out the thread for her new single too, Gangsta Lovin featuring Alicia Keys.

Oh No!!! - Jin's attempt at making a song came out of wack. The Jamaican beat is pretty hot but lets jus say Jin didnt pull off a great first impression... Keep tryin dawg. Check Out da track in the thread, its Titled "Oh Yeah".. go figure.

By The Way... - Go Check Out the Updated MP3 page, which will soon be updated wit 500 or so mp3s, thx to FLoE, who has a 56k modem.. (poor FLoE)

Favorite Artist Lounge

--The Going's-On and Antiks at the Lounge..

Its That Time Again!!! - Well Not Really.. Bossalinie has started a little Contest called Guess That No Limit Artist!.. a group of 4 dudes out there. Check out my guess (lol) and E.. dont go in there and ruin it for da members (haha).. good luck with this yall.

Not Eminem.. - But Dirty Dozen!, Em's Crew D12 now shares Eminems forum and its been renamed to Dirty Dozen. Props to the most popular forum in the Fave Artist Lounge.

Biggie Trivia - dahottness has his own little Trivia contest going on. If you think u ill enough fo' em DAPs, go and sign up.

Roc-A-Dap? - Maybe you could.. check out Eliments Weekly Roc-A-Fella Trivia and skore sum daps

Hip Hop Central

Full Speed Ahead!! - With the Anger Management Tour off and running, aint NO ONE stoppin it. Eminem leads D12, Ludacris, Mr. X 2 da Z and Papa Roach. Today, the tour is coming to Jones Beach, NY. Too bad FLoE cant go. ALL my New Yorkers, get out n head to Jones Beach!!!

Killed At SummerJam - Thats Right, a man died at Seattle's KUBE SummerJam. Cops claim the potential crowds, alcohol and violent music set off the shooting which killed an unlucky man. With Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and LL Cool J, we are SURE the "Violent Lyrics" set the shooting off *wink*[/i]

The Source of Trouble - Or in this case, IN trouble. Co-Owner of the Source, Ray "Benzino" Scott was caught last year speeding with a suspended drivers license to the 2001 Source Awards. He beat up a cop (LMAO). For more info, check the thread

Site News

Spidey Slingin - Spiderman illin it on da "web" .. Must Peep

HTML Master? - YOU can design FiendWorld and its pages. Sign in at the thread but this is serious. Only the best of the best at HTML.

New Members - Props to the newest Members: XAKUTA, playa2003, Riamz, JayD, Måkro XI, and, Originalitie

This is a Joke! - Yes It Is, Welcome the new "Comedy" Forum, Eliments of Laughter, run by Eliment (hence da name). This will hold as a forum for Joke Competitions etc. There's a Storytelling Joke Competition going on right now. Make sure you vote in about 2 days

Sports Fans - Noxiouz, moderator of the Sports Latest has been at work. Constantly posting Sports News and keeping us updated, props to him. All Sports Fan Rejoice at the Sports Latest forum!

Games - With The ExTrA's Page Updated, You are a click away from FW Games. Go ahead and play em. Challenge your friend(s) for a friendly game in the Multiplayer Games room. Beware of Popups.[/i]

Tha Lab

Village Ether - An awesome array of multies and internals as well as a good display of what Structure is. InfLux and euphemism hit a hot collab.
Old Times - Fab and CraCka collab on how FiendWorld used to be. Hot Collab.
Bye - Our fiend Adamwazza leaves FiendWorld in his mission failure to get respect on a site. He leaves with a verse in remembrance. If you koo wit him, check.
Heh.. - Surprised Myself but DraKK flowed this open mic like piss. Check it, sure to turn heads.

Tag Tourny 2 - Still in the 2nd round, go and vote!!!
FW Olympics - Looks like DiStOrTiOnz is having problems with the contestants for the First FW Olympic Event, The Dream Team. Hopefully, this will start soon as this tourny has a lot of potential.
FLoE? - Nahhh, its da Illest Flow tourny yall. With signups finished and verses due in 2 days, check it out. Its the stickyed thread in Open Mic. (lol a tourny held in a thread.. DRAKK ANTIKZ!)[/i]

Open Mic League - Week 3 finishing up, waiting for some more votes
FW Battle League - Please vote on battles. In Week 6, Many People have moved up in rank and some moved down. Rules and Rankings updated. Voting Rules to be updated soon.
FW PPV - FiendWorld Pay-Per-View, run by Fabolous, is a monthly league where the High Council sets up crazy matches wit twists and it's basically your choice to decide if you want to be in it or not. We will have plenty of crazy events in it too!

Member Rating

Todays Member Rating is for White Chocolate
A good member who posts a lot. Modded for Hip Hop and R&B forums for his great help in keeping the site updated with Whats goin on in the Hip Hop world. He posts Open Mic's a lot but comes short on replying to others. A Great Member to the site. Props White Chocolate

Member Rating: 7/10

Member Interiew

IFLoE 2000 [6:46 PM]: Hello, ¤Fabolous¤, you have been chosen to do the Member Interview for Tha Bulletins 8th Issue
IFLoE 2000 [6:49 PM]: ok Fab, how do you feel about ur position here at FiendWorld?
Wilkr9 [6:49 PM]: Well My position is good I think Im makin an impact to people on Fiendworld I feel like a leader to so much
IFLoE 2000 [6:50 PM]: thats kool, so you like ur position huh? what do you think of FW as a netsite and forum?
Wilkr9 [6:52 PM]: I think its great. I think that its a new upcoming Site adn As the years progress FW will be Great I mean we got it all an MP3 page Battle boards news boards and. ME! and More
IFLoE 2000 [6:53 PM]: haha. Yes, youve grown as a netcee here. is there anything you dislike here at FW?
Wilkr9 [6:54 PM]: Naw not Really I mean there is nutin to Dislike When your Da king of it all. Naw j/k but I do dislike when people come annd hate on shit just becuase they do not like it or do not like the person who does it
IFLoE 2000 [6:55 PM]: Yea, the sites a bit premature. How about you tell us about your little league you running? FiendWorld PayPerView
Wilkr9 [6:56 PM]: Well its like This Each moth there will be a NEw and Different Pay Per View(or PPV as we might say). There will be Huge Twists in it all types of great matches and more. The Feedback I got from the People the first day the forum was up was Outstandin I was like thanx for the compliaments and ish. I think it will be great as the Months and years progress.
IFLoE 2000 [6:58 PM]: Kool, good luck with running it. I have heard ur new audio, how was that?
Wilkr9 [6:59 PM]: Well From what I heard My audio is great. I am also doing more audios adn Ish that I will prolly do a Collab with Dhawk soon.
IFLoE 2000 [7:01 PM]: Thats Koo, D-Hawk is dope

Well, thats all the time we have today for the member interview, thank you fab.. any shoutouts before you leave?

Wilkr9 [7:02 PM]: Yea To my NIgga Adam Wazza cya homie TO my NIgga FLoe Was up TO E Keep it gangsta To Coast and My nigga Saht and All my other niggas Also To Aura. Aslo Eliment and all my other niggas DZ adn All of HC

This is What the people have been waitin for.

Wilkr9 [7:03 PM]: holla 1
IFLoE 2000 [7:03 PM]: 1

  - by FLoE on 07-27-2002 12:01 AM

  Tha Bulletin - Issue 7
Fiendworld Bulletin Issue 7

Ruff Ryder News

Styles Doin Time- Styles P is sentenced to Jail on an 8 month term from November 2002 to June of 2003. He is serving time for the alleged stabbing of a man in his backside. For more info on Styles comments about this, read the article.
Eve in Philly- Eve will be performing in Philly on the 26th of July. Check out her new single, Gangsta Lovin featuring Alicia Keys, which will soon be up in the MP3s and Vids section of FW.

Site News

FWS down?- Looks like FW Survivor night have to close due to Nines disability to run it. Its existence is dependent upon another HC members availability to run it. Otherwise, itll have to go.
FiendWorlds MP3 + Music Video Page- E has hooked us uppppp with a page dedicated to ill mp3's and Music Videos. Take a Look around and Chill to your favorite music.
New Fave Artist Member- Welcome Canibus to the Favorite Artist Lounge. We are currently lookin for mods for Fave Artist forums with no mods. If you are interested in having a mod job at one of these forums, please PM FLoE.
Tha Hip Hop Bulletin- Make Way, theres a NEW bulletin in town. This one deals with Hip Hop and it is DOPE. Originally done by Contro in the baby days of FiendWorld, I've revived this idea wit LyriCipher who is now busy wit his own life (good luck man). White Chocolate will be doing the bulletin weekly and madd props to him. Go check it out. It is funny and DOPE.
Latest Reviews- Here are some of FW's Members latest Reviews: EnVee's review of Tupac's - Until The End of Time (Disc 1)], and noxiouz's shamefully bitten review of Irv Gotti's - The Inc..
Poll Office- A Poll Office has been made for members polls to be put in it. You can post whatever polls you want to find peoples opinions.. Enjoy.[/i]
Noxiouz Open Mic Reviews:- Looks like noxiouz has a cool shop in FiendVille. He basically does Open Mic Reviews for peoples pieces. looks dope.

Member News
New Members:- Props to FW's latest Members: AKriD DoTT, Originalitie, Josey Wales, raW liviC, InKonspikuouZ, Queen of Hearts, and Jux
New Positions- Props to the people who have earned their FW positions. Congrats to The Nine, ¤Fabolous¤, R.Sonal, Lyrikally Lost and euphemism on making it to FW's High Council. Congrats to SicC for his SuperMod spot. and a Final Congrats to the new mods of FW: Bossalinie and j2dat: No Limit Soldierz Forum, dahottness: Biggie Forum, noxiouz, Hip Hop Central and Sports Latest and SLiM_JoHnnY: Eminem Forum.
Fellow Fiend Member Stranded on Canadian Highway- The official Dumbshit of FiendWorld, a-dumbwazza.. was stranded on the highway after walking non stop while supposedly intoxicated with drugs. For more bits on the story, check the link.
Fab on BET- Heh, he wasnt lying. Fab featured on a clip from Hits From The Streets where he clowns a dude in b-ball. Although he missed da shot, it was pretty dope. Too bad well never see Fab on TV for his rymes (hah!!)
Envee on TRL and FLoE on QPTV- Well, after Fabs attempt to show off his turn on the screen, me and ol' envee told our stories of being on TV. Even tho EnVee's story is fake, mine isnt .. LOL

Open Mics
Say Hello to FiendWorld- a Dope piece that dwelves in the insecure mind of Spoof. Spoof switches up to Eminems style in Say Goodbye to Hollywood on a somewhat completely different topic. A piece I personally enjoyed.
Face of Killer- SolutionX, the Newb Tourny 2 Winner, has pulled off a great piece. Murderious style. The flow and storyline was amazing. A must peep.

Battle Board
Element vs Coast- Just a "friendly" battle while this one needs votes. Coast has the upper hand with one vote.
Rellik vs Nor- A seriously ILL topic battle which is being slept on. A topical battle where the topic is "Being Stalked", Both MC's spit well but which one will win? Vote Now.

All He Needs..- All Nasty needs is a pen paper and a mic as he rips it in this poetic rap. nice piece.
Ras- "Heavens Rain, Angel tears" is the title and it is ILL. A poem about a girl that means so much to Ras. Must peep.

Crew Corna
New Crews- Welcome RmF and the East Side Rydaz to FW
Crew War!?- Rumor 'round FW High Council is that there might be a Crew War in FiendWorld. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Trophy Room- Check out the new Trophy Room where we Honor FW's illest
FW Olympics- Another one of DiStOrTiOnZ ill ideas. A chain of events for dope MCs to range on. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be given out to winners.
Tag Tourny 2- Waiting in anticipation for Round 2 verses to drop on the 20th

FW Battle League- In week 5 of the battle league with about 5 battles left to finish. Aura has taken the HW belt in the 3 way Title Match with Nine and Former Belt-Holder: Gruesome.
Open Mic League- A very popular league here at FiendWorld. Goin to its 3rd week with a Huge Title Match (LL vs Dark Druid) and a #1 ContenderShip match (R.Sonal vs FLoE). Be sure to check out the battles as soon as they are posted.

Member Rating
Todays member rating will be for Slimm
A good member of FW who posts, battles and does Open Mics often. He's elevated lots but is still in the forced wordplay stage. Overall cool dude.
Member Rate: 5/10

Member Interview
IFLoE 2000 [4:58 AM]: Hello Lost Prophet, you have been chosen to be interviewed for Tha Bulletins 7th Issue
emceehypnotik [4:58 AM]: haha aiight i guess
IFLoE 2000 [4:59 AM]: Ok LP, How have your experiences at FiendWorld been?
emceehypnotik [4:59 AM]: theve been alright i would say
emceehypnotik [4:59 AM]: cept for that bitch sicilian
IFLoE 2000 [5:00 AM]: LOL, dont mind the immature peeps, every site has em. Ive seen youve been here since FW started but u seem to have taken a very long break.. how was that?
emceehypnotik [5:01 AM]: it was a nice break had to take time off to regroup and learn some new stylez but i hav ebeen doing ok since my return wouldnt you sya
IFLoE 2000 [5:01 AM]: Yes you have. Well LP, what is it that you find great about FW?
emceehypnotik [5:02 AM]: well there are manythings i like about it one is the new audio tournie that me and fab have coming up so sign up before its too late
IFLoE 2000 [5:02 AM]: heh... and the bad things?
emceehypnotik [5:03 AM]: sicilian tryin to keep the name me and you created and him thinkin he could beat me in a battle
IFLoE 2000 [5:04 AM]: lol, and what do you think of the competition at FiendWorld?
emceehypnotik [5:04 AM]: there is some good competition out there but ya know i can hold my own against most of them
IFLoE 2000 [5:05 AM]: Ok and any tournies out there you feelin now? and ones you want to win? and maybe a tourny suggestion?
emceehypnotik [5:06 AM]: im feelin the open mic league and the tournie i want to win is the audio tournie comin out when the list is full and no suggestions at this time
emceehypnotik [5:06 AM]: oh wait i do have one
emceehypnotik [5:06 AM]: the ban the sicilian tournie
emceehypnotik [5:06 AM]: every one signs in against him if more then 3 people beat him he is banned
IFLoE 2000 [5:07 AM]: LMAO, thats a dope idea, hopefully, hell accept
IFLoE 2000 [5:07 AM]: And what are ur FW shoutouts?
emceehypnotik [5:07 AM]: hmm shouts hmm ..
to my homie floe that bitch is crazy to my nigga drakk you funny fucker to my new homie fab keep da elevator goin and to controversial squash the beef dawg it aint worth it, cuz ya cant hang wit me so stop it, and to Dz no more fuckin 3 way matches bitch haha oh and my quote: --"dont snatch my creativity for its all you got" -- Directed to the Sicilian
IFLoE 2000 [5:07 AM]: well, thats all the time we have today, thank you LP for bein so kind to take this interview 5 AM in the morning... i am off to sleep
IFLoE 2000 [5:07 AM]: buh bye
emceehypnotik [5:08 AM]: goodnight and have some bad ass nightmares bitch
emceehypnotik [5:08 AM]: I swallow wallows
IFLoE 2000 [5:09 AM]: *this interview has been edited for da appropriateness of FW visions and its rights.. thank you.

  - by FLoE on 07-19-2002 10:16 AM

  Tha Bulletin - Issue 6
Fiendworld Bulletin Issue 6

Ruff Ryder News

Styles Album- Styles latest album will be coming out in less than 2 days (on the 9th of July) so go out and cop two of them. One for you, and one for your mama..
XXX- No, not porn! Eve's new movie is coming out in theaters on August 9th. (Props to the bus i saw da Ad on) .. And E's new album "Eve-olution" will be droppin soon too.

Site News

Welcome The..- New No Limit Soldierz Forum. Requested by Bossalinie, He and other No Limit fans are drawn to this forum. So if you like No Limit, go in and enjoy
Fast Food?- Our latest poll results show that McDonalds RULES and Burger King SUCKS. Check the link for more info.
Newest Members- Props to the Newest Members of FW: AzE GrafixX, snorg, j2dat, ?Question?, Eyerasible, LAsT EcHo and Leliel
FW Survivor- With DraKK winning the latest Immunity Challenge, he has been granted Immunity in the next Tribal Council. People vulnerable to the Tribal Council are Kraz, E, FLoE, Verbal Hostility, ¤Fabölöu§¤, Sween and Rellik. Who will be voted off the island?? Find out soon..
You Got An Award??- Find Out Here. Congradulations to all the winners!

Hip Hop News

Hip Hop Bulletin- LyriCipher is the new Author of the Hip Hop Bulletin. Enjoy as it comes weekly!

Latest Review's- Some people's reviews just WONT die. FLoE's review of D12's Last Album, Devils Night was posted on April
3rd, and to this date (July 7th), It hasnt stopped gettin feedback

A New Review has been made by RedruM on Nellys New Album, NellyVille, Check it Out..

Open Mic

Ego?- You Decide... when E and DraKK collab on a diss to people wit Big Ego'z. This has started some controversy so lets see what else will come about from this "beef"
Rich&Poor- Basically, da ILLEST text open mic on FW. DiStOrTiOnz display of a conversattion between a rich and poor man with a conflict of the rich man's daughter lost. A surprising ending. The DOPEst. If You dont read this, you could suck drakks right nut cuz its lonely
Bitches are da Same- Since LL's text return, all he has been spittin is illness wit his talented flow. Collabing with HeavyWeight Champ, CraCka, the topic is "Bitches are da same from Any Country." A dope collab and very funny.

Battle Board

Key Battle?- CoNtRoVeRsIaL and Phantom Flowz battle it out keying. Contro seems to have the upperhand in votes but well see how this battle goes.
Slimm Flowz?- Slimm and PhantomFlowz battle seems very close. With the score 3-3 and no votes, this battle needs to finish. Very close battle, props to both and may da best man win


Tag Tourny 2- Verses are due tonight so make SURE you go and check the battles out and vote!!
Newb Tourny 2- Looks like the newb tourny is at the Semi-Finals with one battle left to vote on.EnVee vs Coast - Vote!!


Open Mic League- The First round has officially started and votes are in progress. Voting ends this tuesday night so get in and vote. I myself was surprised at some cats pieces, better than I expected. Go and vote while you can
FWBL- Week 3 of the Battle League has just finished. Ranks will be edited and matchups will be posted by monday night.

Member Rating

Todays Member rating is for Lyrikally Lost

Lyrikally Lost aka LL has turned into a rather active member at FiendWorld. With his return to text, he's been collabing with peeps and has done audios, he's won the last 3 audio awards for June. Definately one of the illest.
LL's Gradin = 7/10

Member Interview

[b] IFLoE 2000 [4:16 PM]:
Hello, aura, you've been picked to do Tha Bulletin's Member Interview, are you ready to be interviewed?
Subtle Emanation [4:17 PM]: I guess
IFLoE 2000 [4:18 PM]: kool, so first question:
How do you feel about your position at FiendWorld
Subtle Emanation [4:19 PM]: well I was admin, then some fucker took me off.. I like being admin you can edit things into peoples custom text
IFLoE 2000 [4:19 PM]: lol, ok, and how do you feel about your position now?
Subtle Emanation [4:21 PM]: I'm aiight, I doubt I'll be battling much on FW tho..
Subtle Emanation [4:21 PM]: Most people don't like me on FW now as well
IFLoE 2000 [4:22 PM]: lol, i see.. how come you arent in the FWBL?
Subtle Emanation [4:23 PM]: I've given voters another chance to prove me wrong, but they haven't.. apart from being dubious of voters, theres no real competition yet.
IFLoE 2000 [4:25 PM]: Ok, away from MC's skills, how diverse is FiendWorld from the other boards you go to?, including DAPs and all other FW ideas..
Subtle Emanation [4:29 PM]: well, I haven't checked the homepage for FW in a minute cuz it was in need of work. It's too cluttered, needs to look better w/ more consistensy in thing
IFLoE 2000 [4:30 PM]: k, so you are more dissapointed in FW than approving of it? and do you think this site has potential as a rap site?
Subtle Emanation [4:33 PM]: I'm not sure of the potential to become a known rap board because it is "fiend" world, which sets it alongside ones such as "Royce Board" or whatever..
IFLoE 2000 [4:33 PM]: and da first question?
Subtle Emanation [4:33 PM]: It would need to be more organised etc.
Subtle Emanation [4:34 PM]: I guess it's a site where your familiar with most people, tho I'm dissapointed primarily because of the general lack of intelligence
IFLoE 2000 [4:35 PM]: Yes newbs recycle da board tho
Subtle Emanation [4:35 PM]: well "things can only get better"
Subtle Emanation [4:35 PM]: maybe.
IFLoE 2000 [4:36 PM]: ok, aura, thank you for the interview, you have just made the bulletin. good bye *waves*
Subtle Emanation [4:36 PM]:

  - by FLoE on 07-07-2002 09:37 PM

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